Los Vida Barangaroo

Project: Los Vida Barangaroo
Year: 2015
Type: Hospitality
Size: 58 sqm

Los Vida Barangaroo is a Mexican food kiosk located in The Canteen at the new Barangaroo development in Sydney.  Due to the location of the site we had very tight design parameters in the Fit Out Guide provided to us by Lend Lease.  The materials that we were allowed to use were a far cry from previous Los Vida fit outs and what would be considered traditionally  “Mexican”. This forced us to be inventive with material manipulation and allowed us to push the boundaries of the Fit Out Guide in order to achieve a finished result that pleased our client, Lend Lease and ourselves.
We needed to find a way to stand out from the other tenants who were also working with the same materials and ensure patrons were drawn to Los Vida. This was achieved through the Victorian Ash timber that runs the perimeter of the kiosk laid in a custom geometric pattern inspired by Mexican textiles, built in cactus beds and graphic concrete pots, ceramic pendant lights and copper detailing.
Barangaroo is also a Green Star rated development, so every material, glue, fixative, paint, lightbulb etc needed to pass the sustainability checklist and achieve relevant certificates to ensure that the Green Star target was kept.  This was a very challenging but educational aspect of this project for ourselves and the builder